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Prevents Days Of Post Workout Pain.

Prevents Days Of Post Workout Pain.

Dorris Bogus ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor on 14th Mar 2022


5 minutes of warm up and then stretching before your workout prepares your muscles for movement.  Stretching after your workout reduces lactic acid buildup, a major reason for muscle soreness.




Exercise breaks down muscle tissue and causes inflammation and swelling, icing reduces the swelling and the pain and assists with a faster recovery.


Foam Roller:

SMR: Self Myofascial Release, is a technique that relieves muscle tension and promotes effective muscle repair.  For more expert information on the benefits of foam rollers visit ACEfitness.org



Get adequate rest after an intense workout, (more than 5 minutes of course) for optimum body recovery. 


Incorporate these strategies on a regular basis to prevent muscle and joint soreness.  This enable you to continue to workout pain free.

All the best.