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Fit, The essential ingredient to comfortable long lasting fitness wear.

Fit, The essential ingredient to comfortable long lasting fitness wear.

Dorris Bogus/ Apparel Designer, Certified Fitness Instructor on 23rd Apr 2024

Have you ever bought a pair of leggings that sagged in places that drew unwanted attention to certain body parts or you had to constantly re-adjust them by pulling them up or down.  It's the fit of the legging and not you.  


The correct Fit" is missing. In the fashion industry, fit is achieved by measuring and testing designs based on their intended use during body movement. For instance, leggings made for everyday wear are different from leggings made for yoga or running.

When you purchase a pair of leggings, or any product make sure it is appropriate for the intended activity.

To get the best fit for any garment you must know your basic measurements: Chest, Waist, Hips, and inseam. There are more precise measurements used when designers are creating a garment, but a good fit starts with measuring the above body parts.

All leggings that you buy should have a basic fit that is right for your measurements. The difference maker in performance and lasting comfort is intended use and fabric composition along with specific industry measurements. For a more precise fit for mass markets, designers use live fit models.

Fabric composition is important in fit and function and the right composition aids in physical performance. Compression fabric is ideal for improving circulation and muscle performance in sports activities like weight training. Lycra allows the fabric to stretch and give as the body moves. Cotton fabric is not suitable for high intensity exercises because it does not dry quickly leaving the skin damp and uncomfortable and detracts from performance.

What to look for when buying apparel, especially active wear: While it is important to try on clothes, when possible, key body part measurement and fabric composition can tell you a lot about how they will fit and feel over the long run.

When shopping in person, save time trying on clothes by taking along a tape measure to quickly measure length, waist, hips and bust before even trying a garment on. Make sure to fabric type, fabric weight and percentage of fabric composition. Usually, fabric for athletic or active wear is composed of polyester and Lycra (spandex) or nylon Lycra. Eco friendly fabrics like bamboo or organic cotton will usually have Lycra as well.

Pay attention to fabric care and follow the directions carefully as that will prolong the fit and performance of a garment.