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Creating Harmony during Chaos

Creating Harmony during Chaos

Dorris Bogus on 10th Oct 2023

You have unlocked the 1st Code. In this session you are going to recognize how important harmony is within those foundational elements. Harmony is important because it provides a measure of stability and equilibrium between those elements. It is a signal that joy and contentment are present.

The Codes work together to promote balance, well-being, and joy. Some of the same elements in K Code 1 in which you learned how to take care of yourself first should be assessed based on their effect on Harmony. By the end of this session, you will understand why using harmony is a good way to evaluate your lifestyle for balance and joy.

Think of these elements as notes on a scale that you place there intentionally to create the beautiful harmony called your life. The aim of the composition is to have a measure of balance and joy. So, you decide which types and quality of the elements belong in the composition and how they are arranged. To do that you must practice, discernment, honesty, and trust.

There are all sorts of ways to assess harmony, but first you must do so from the mindset of someone that I like to quote. Wayne Dyer says, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” We do have to make sure that the way we look at these elements is with a mindset and consciousness that is intent on honest assessment with beneficial outcomes. Sometimes there is a tendency to accept situations, people, and places that stress us out and rob us of our peace. We hang around them or let them stay in our lives because we either do not want to confront the situation out of fear, or we don’t want to take responsibility for our part in creating the situation. Ask yourself and answer honestly, are you a co-creator of harmony or dis-harmony?

We will discuss why in the next blog.  Stay Tuned!